Guiding the learning process at home

Children are intrinsically prepared to learn from their environment. Caregivers can prepare the environment with hands-on materials to encourage independent, productive learning. Dancing Moose is ready to assist you in creating an ideal learning environment at home!

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Learning at Home Objectives

Engage Learning

Young minds are primed to absorb the world around them.

By intentionally introducing activities, concepts, and materials, we can help your child engage in active learning at their unique level. Children use concrete materials to explore academic objectives and unlock a natural passion for discovery.

Educate Parents

Helping your child learn can feel overwhelming.

Dancing Moose At Home adds a structured routine to guide day-to-day learning. Special content informs parents and supports your efforts. Resources and parent-teacher training are available to relieve the pressure and uncertainty that comes with educating your child.

Nurture the Child

Early Childhood shapes a lifetime of learning.

Our central goal as parents and caregivers is to lovingly guide our children through a process of discovery that will allow them to realize their unique potential. Dancing Moose at Home will help your child develop foundational life skills of independence, focus, critical thinking, and confidence. By providing a balance of learning opportunities and scaffolding the environment, we can work together to help your little one flourish.

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The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn. -Maria Montessori

“Scientific observation has established that education is not what the teacher gives; education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment."

- Maria Montessori, Education for a New World

Components of Dancing Moose at Home Learning


Establishing a productive and peaceful classroom environment takes careful preparation. Dancing Moose at Home provides families with tools and structure to enrich the home learning environment. Children thrive with a wide array of activities that fit inside a predictable routine. Individualized lessons and support allow parents and children to engage in meaningful work together.

Lesson Ideas

We offer wonderful alternatives to screen time learning by using Montessori-inspired materials that bring abstract lessons to life.

Parent Support

Our system provides a simple model and outstanding resources to help parents be successful teachers.

Daily Routine

Our portal is set up to provide easy access for your child to move through daily routines at their own pace.

Nurture Social Skills

Our live classes allow children to see friends and participate in calls to build their confidence and communication.

Individualized Language and Math Lessons

Our lessons are available for ages toddler through 2nd grade. Teachers conduct online assessments to ensure that your child is ready to progress.

Comprehensive Weekly Curricular Elements

Our curriculum includes Daily Movement, Morning Message, Montessori-Inspired Lesson Ideas, Snack and Lunch Recipes, Arts and Crafts and Dramatic Play Ideas, Family Games, and Parenting Tips.



-Access to the comprehensive weekly curricular elements.

-Daily lesson schedule of suggested activities for the month.

$200 per month


Foundation plus…

-Reading and math lessons targeted to your child's skill level. 

-Daily live group lessons with peers to encourage collaboration and socialization.

$300 per month



Guided plus…

-Parent and teacher kick-off call to prepare a home learning environment.

-Weekly individual  session with a Montessori trained teacher through online conferencing.

$400 per month


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